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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”  JP Morgan

Unstuck Your Business

 Business Coaching Programs for Entrepreneurs


Stress and setbacks are no fun! Take back control of your business for increased revenues and growth


  Choosing a Great Coaching Program


Our coaching programs are designed to teach business owners the facets of building, running, and scaling their business.

No matter what stage your business is at, our state-of-the-art strategies and techniques can take it to the next level.


Why do the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Need Business Coaching?


Entrepreneurial Freedom.

Do you want to run your business on your terms, with COMPLETE freedom, and set yourself up for prosperity? Build your engaging story to connect with your customers.

"Unstuck" Your Business

Do you feel that your business is stuck? Deliver a clear message for your business.

An Effective Strategy to Drive New Sales.

Are you not sure how to drive engagement and scale your business for success? Design a Decision Guide to persuade customers to buy from you.

I can help you level up your business for profitability and avoid hitting the ceiling of what you can achieve. Being a knowledge-building expert, I can provide layers of value to your business, align your personal values with business goals, making them all significant contributors to your success.


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Is Business Coaching Right for You?

    Our 1 to1 coaching programs for business owners can step up progress, accelerate results and help you achieve your business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. In a successful partnership with your business coach, you can expect the following outcomes:

A Clear Business Strategy

Improved Financial Stability

Better Branding and Sales

Better Employee Engagement and Team-Building Skills

More Personal and Professional Freedom

Strengthening Financial Viability and Increased Revenues

Choose from our existing courses and learn how to make your business a success


Business Coaching Program 1

Your Branding One-Liner

Your one-liner outlines the problem you help your customers solve in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way. A lot of business owners can not succinctly and interestingly tell you what they do, whom they do it for, and why they do it? I can work with you to develop a concise statement that explains what your business offers. Build curiosity in minutes with your customers so they ask you to tell them more.


Business Coaching Program 2

Brand Storytelling

In today's competitive world, businesses find it hard to capture the attention of their clients and keep them engaged. As your trusted entrepreneur coach, I can develop authentic and personal stories about your business to drive and sustain engagement for your clients. We will develop an authentic story about you, your business products, services and tie in your customers' problems and how you solve them. This will help you draw business to you and sustain engagement for your customers.


Business Coaching Program 3

Consumer Decision Guide

Do your customers see you as just a salesperson or as a trusted guide? When asked, does your response build curiosity or cause confusion? Your customers are confronted with endless shopping options from similar businesses. You must tap into their emotional needs, logical reasoning, and help them connect the dots… to see you as the right decision for them. Let’s offer them a smooth and quick path to purchase your products and services.


All 3 Business Coaching Programs

Full Coaching Package

Complete daily access to Jim for 3 or 6 months and his online resources for business owners, training videos, proven and tested marketing strategies, and templates. The cutting-edge training services will make your business an obvious choice to buy from.

Each of our coaching programs provides you the chance to gain new insights, and come away with a concrete action plan. We work together to understand how to identify your value, understand your impact, lighten your workload and embrace the messiness of success.