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One-Liner Branding Services for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

I partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders to craft an intriguing one-liner that sparks curiosity and interest about your business.

Your brand is a powerful tool that determines how an audience perceives your business. Are you delivering the right message? Does your present branding capture the immediate interest of your potential customer?


Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Need 1-Liner Branding

Without a customer’s clear understanding of what you do for them and how your business helps them, they will become confused, and a confused client will immediately search elsewhere to spend their money.

As an entrepreneur if you don’t want your customers buying elsewhere then creating a stellar 1-Liner is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.
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Meet  New Entrepreneurship
Coach and Branding Consultant, Jim McEntire.

Join 100’s of other clients across the country who I have helped  to strategically develop their brands, clarify their marketing message, create verbal identities, build immediate curiosity with the customers and grow their business.
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What is 1-Liner Branding Services?

When you sign up for your branding services, we will find out who your target customers are and how your business provides value to them. During 1 to 1 coaching, we will clarify the following:

Brand Identity:

We will start the process by identifying your vision, business goals, and your target clients.

Link Benefits to Value Offering:

We will clarify the benefits of your products or services and how they provide value to your customers. 

Identify Customer Benefits and your Offer:

We will find out exactly what your customers want and how you can create products and services that your customers will buy.

Your Brand Voice

We will craft a unique, and powerful message that positions you as an expert as compared to your competitors so that your clients trust you, notice you, and buy from you.

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Develop a One-Liner that Sells

After figuring out the above, we will create a solid one-liner for your business which has three main parts:

The problem

It highlights the pain points of your target customers.

The solution

It answers what you do to solve their problem. 

The reward

It points out the benefits of using your products and calls them to action.

A one-liner that is authentic to who you are, in your own voice, as a reflection of your business values, can help you hit the right notes, attract more clients and increase your profit margins.

Outcomes of 1-Liner Branding Services

Entrepreneurs running a small business have fewer opportunities to engage and communicate with their clients than big businesses. A compelling brand story and a concise message enable them to stand out in the crowd, target the right people and accelerate their growth.
Let's work together to generate curiosity in the mind of your customers, create awareness, trust, loyalty and advocacy for your brand.
I will help you write your one-Liner with packages starting at $199