Are you missing the customers point?

Years ago, while our business was doing a high volume of UPS shipping to our customers I felt we should notch our service up a level.

Why not contact them 1 day after the expected shipment arrival to confirm they received the ordered product and show we cared about their success.

What a disaster I created.

Within 2 weeks large accounts of mine were sharing how they were losing time and money running down these orders.

· What department ordered the product?

· Who ordered the product?

· Did they receive the correct product that was ordered?

· If they did not get the product, they already were contacting us so why were we bothering them?

· If we continued these annoying phone calls, they may need to change their suppliers, OUCH!

It sounded good in my mind but not in practice to my busy, stressed, under-staffed customers.

I stopped the calling immediately.

What services are you providing that are a big selling point to you yet nobody, but you care about it?

What are the things you should be measuring in your company’s health?

1. Your product and service quality as perceived by the customer.

2. Your company’s production results.

3. The present customer feedback on how you are doing in servicing their needs.

4. Your employee engagement in the company’s mission and goals.

5. Your expenses.

6. Your profits.

7. Your forward motion towards your goals.

Its not easy to run a company, make a profit, keep customers and employees happy, and remember why you started this journey in the 1st place.

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