Are you pulling or pushing your customer to engage them?

You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.” –Marian Wright Edelman

This post is for your #businessgrowth.

I just got off the phone with my wonderful friend Ron, we served a year tour together in the US Army stationed in South Korea.

After leaving the Army for 34 years Ron successfully sold million-dollar flight plan software programs to airlines in Asia, the United States, in Arab countries, and elsewhere.

I asked him what the hardest part was of making a million-dollar sale for #sales success?

You want to become a more successful salesperson, right? So do I.

Ron said the hardest part was getting his bosses to stay out of the kitchen.

To leave the selling process alone, not rush it and just let him do his job.

He never pushed his potential customers.

Doing business in the United States and in foreign countries

  • He studied their customs, practices, culture, and learned some of their native language.

  • He asked polite questions.

  • Listened intently to their narrative.

  • He followed closely where they were mentally, emotionally in the buying process.

  • He showed them respect, kindness, empathy, and only asked for the sale when they appeared ready and comfortable with him asking .

  • Over those 34 years Ron went thorough four different owners in the company and he stayed the lead salesperson through every change of ownership. Ron was very successful at his job making million dollar sales and building customer loyalty.

  • You can too!

“Nobody likes to be sold, everyone loves to buy.” Jeffery Gitomer

Don’t push your customer into the sale.

Hold their hand and help guide them to a decision that is best for them.

Believe in yourself, thank you for reading Jim McEntire