Are you solving customers problems or creating one for them?

Which strategy of either solving a problem or creating one puts you ahead of your competition and grows your business the fastest?

It is not easy to run your business and try to have all the answers to the challenges you experience.

That is OK to get frustrated, your smart and committed to succeed as shown by reading others thought provoking articles.

In one of author Seth Godin’s blogs he states that question on problems.

Uber does a great job of solving the problem of getting from point A to point B, in many ways better than the taxis they are replacing.

Mark Avery Claridge of helps military veteran entrepreneurs learn ways to move their potential customers from uninterested into happy customers. Mark accomplishes this through his training programs which addresses their problem of how to sell with a program of how to gain the potential customers trust, Interest, and agreement to buy.

Ugg’s footwear company created a problem for people who were not fashion forward yet wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing.

Once everyone was wearing Ugg’s footwear, these fashion laggards had a problem, to keep up they needed to invest in a pair of new boots.

You can either look for problems to solve for your customers or create one for them.

It is easier and more fun to solve an existing problem for a customer making them happy and keeping it simple.

In Marks case the person he trained has just sold their products or services to their customer.

You know that problem you just had, hey I solved it.

Yet innovations that change your marketplace often create problems before they solve them.

When you create or highlight the problem, you created for your customer that they did not know they had, you’re their only solution, not the competition.

Sheree D’agostino , at New York Life Insurance asks questions to raise a problem the potential customer didn’t know they had. In an initial visit Sheree may state“ You stated how important the welfare of your family is to you, in case something unfortunate happens to you, are they financially secure in the future without your present income? What would that picture look like for your family if they are in a financial hardship? This creates a problem the potential customer may never have thought of before and one they likely will want a solution for sooner than later.

Sheree is putting herself in the position of creating this problem and then offering a solution, her services if the potential customer is interested.

Sheree needs to get into the shoes of her customer, what are their pains, gains and jobs and how can she create a problem they don’t see and highlight it for them.

This creates a win-win for everyone but the competition.

When you think about solving a customer’s problem, look at the potential to create one instead and be the solution they will seek.

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Below is you video covering this topic of the advantage of creating problems for your customers and then offering their custom solution.

Thank you for reading, Jim.

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