Can you use the strategy of Amazon, Pixar, and Starbucks to grow?

Can you use the strategy of Amazon, Pixar studio, or Starbucks’s?

You struggle and become frustrated when new ideas, products, or services you offer in your market don’t work.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Most small business owners struggle with this which is why 50% of small businesses fail.

Amazon, Pixar studios, and Starbucks all use the same strategy when they try out new ideas, products, and services and you can use their same strategy too.

In the book, Little Bets by Peter Sims, the author shares the strategy of placing all your emphasis and time on trying out small batches of the idea, product or service, little bets first.

The real genius in in your approach, in the process, which done properly will give you the answers.

Beethoven may have seemed brilliant yet copies of his initial scores of music show,

· numerous music lines crossed out

· notes filling up the margins

· scribbles all over the paper

His work was messy. So is Amazon’s, Pixar studios, and Starbucks’s initial releases of ideas, products, service because it is not perfection they are working on.

Their goal and your goal are to try it out on yourselves, your team, your friends, and eventually on real customers, again, again and again.

And watch, listen, take in what the end user thinks, feels, and does with what you deliver.

Is it connecting, exciting them or not exciting them? If not, why not.?

Howard Schultz visited Millan Italy and fell in love with their unique coffee shops.

Trying to recreate those coffee shops as Starbucks in the United States, his first coffee shops did terrible. They were poorly equipped, no customer seating, playing music in Italian no one could understand, not even having no-fat lattes.

In his words it was awful.

Yet he persisted, focused on his customers wants, needs, and watched the results of his changes to improve their experience.

The genius is in the process.

Start your new idea, process, product, or service with little bets.

Stay focused on the process and you will find your success.

If you would like the longer, in-depth article on this post drop me a note and I will send it.

No strings attached.

My focus is to help you grow your sales this year.

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