Do this instead of a New Years Resolution that wont work anyways.

Kyle Wilson and I met years ago at a Jim Rohn weekend event and he sent me this New Year idea I use and thought you would like too.

Kyle Wilsons New Year list.

I have a simple exercise that I started 18 years ago. At the end of each year I make a list of 20 GREAT things that happened to me the past year.

It can include personal, family, health, financial, business/team related events and victories. They can big or small.

This journal exercise helps me be more aware and GRATEFUL of the past years victories (of course, many of these are subjective). Also it also helps me be more aware of what areas I may have focused on more than others.

What's really cool is if you make this a yearly ritual, at the end of 10 years you will have 200 great things on your list. It's a powerful way to capture and remember your milestones, victories and celebrations.

Now what adds a whole additional layer to this is when you involve your family or business team.

I actually started this at Jim Rohn International back in 2003. I challenged the entire team to create their own 20 Great Things list.

We would all gather and read them aloud as a group. It was such a powerful and emotional experience.

In addition to individually having more awareness of the past years victories, we were able to learn and share in some of the really cool things that had happened among our fellow co-workers in the group. Plus finding the many shared victories we had together as a team/company (creating team goals with celebrations and rewards was big at JRI).

I encourage you individually as well as a family and/or business to give it a try. Takes about 10-20 minutes. See what comes up for you and also look for some insights that come up as well.

Then make it an annual tradition of gratitude, awareness and celebration!