F E A R False Evidence Appearing Real

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar introduced me to the acronym FEAR.

One summer morning I set out for a 5 am walk, the sky was clear and filled with an array of stars when suddenly I stopped. My feet frozen ……….and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

You have come face to face with your own fears. Some of the fears, many have stopped you in your tracks too. Fears may have held you back opening a business, expanding the business your presently in, investing in new products or services to increase your sales.

The thing that stops you is the scream, the scream of your own self talk telling you don’t do it. Perhaps you have been burned before, with similar decisions, made a mistake, gotten yourself into trouble saying yes to an opportunity.

My own self-talk on that dark morning as I stood frozen to the pavement was of a story my neighbor had recently shared with me about that same scream. As a child he and his dad went apple picking in the woods and took their family dog along. The dog started barking and chased this animal up a tree. In less than a minute my neighbor watched as the treed animal dropped strategically down on the back of their dog and tore it apart.

Was I about to face the same fate? This self talk paralyzed me to make any decision or movement.

False Evidence Appearing Real, is this happening to you? Have you played out the scenario of how much this decision you are scared about could benefit you, your business, your customers make a positive impact in so many areas of your life? Are there resources available to you to mitigate the risk of your decision? Are some of your assumptions of the risk possibly wrong?

I stood there for only a minute listening to 4-5 screams, not being able to place the animal exactly where it was, I turned and ran to my house thinking of my neighbor’s horror story of losing their dog while picking apples.

What is your self-talk? Is it true and is it even relevant to the decision you are considering, like me thinking I would b attacked and running from that scream?

After my shower, I dressed for my early meeting and ventured into the dark. I set out for our mailbox which is 150’ down the road from our home. I brought some resources with me this time, a light and a walking stick to help overcome being scared that my FEAR might still be there.

The bobcat was gone or at least not screaming as I moved like a Navy Seal in enemy territory to and from our mailbox.

The lesson for me is NEXT TIME I will try to keep walking, controlling my fear if I hear a scream. Bobcat attacks on humans are almost unheard of but our minds can quickly exaggerate our FEAR.

What about your FEAR? Is it holding you back from the life and dreams you deserve?

Find you own resources, your own kind of light and walking stick to overcome the FEAR that is paralyzing you.

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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