Grow a business you can be proud of

I was never in search of difficult.

I like things easy to do. Or so I thought.

In my business I keep hearing about him from others in my field.

He was uncommon in his attitude towards doing things exactly right.

He was known in the city as being the very best at what he did.

I kept hearing his name mentioned even from a hundred miles away.

When I first met him all I saw was arrogance and speed?

He didn't ever sit still and knew far more than I.

I came to know him through doing business with him and all I saw was difficulty.

Following his rules, his procedures, his steps of how we would do business.

Difficulty to deal with every week.

He set a high bar for his employees and from his suppliers too.

He never budged and was tough as nails.

He didn’t tolerate fools and his wrath was like a storm.

His competitors hated him, as they all told me so all the time.

His customers loved him, and his business grew, and grew, and grew.

Yet dealing with him every week his philosophy started making sense.

He would ask many questions of others to see how they arrived at a different conclusion.

Explaining in a friendly teaching style, why he wanted things a certain way.

Being kind to everyone while sharing his philosophy and never allowing poor service or inferior work delivered to his customers or himself.

He loved his customers, and they could see it too.

Doing his very best every day and requiring it of others.

In fact, much of my success and growth was from watching, learning, and implementing Bill’s philosophy.

It is easier to follow the easy path and a lot more fun too.

But easy won’t take you to where your dreams are waiting for you.

I learned the difficult path is the real short-cut to a person’s dreams.

Thank you Bill, owner of Whitesboro Frame for allowing me to learn from you.

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