How do your customers feel when they are lost?

This article will help your #businessgrowth.

How do you feel when you're lost?

How did I feel when I was lost looking for the Bellaire Beach sign to get back to my hotel?

Uncertain, confused, upset, frustrated, and thinking I am not too smart.

Feelings overpower logic, it happens to your customers every day.

The Gulf boulevard sign I kept seeing and avoiding was actually the Bellaire sign road but I didn’t realize it.

I had crossed into a different township on my two-mile drive to find some much needed morning coffee and they had changed the name of the street when I crossed the bridge.

Your customer is in a confused state of mind thinking “What should I do?”

Think of what steps you can take to guide them from :

· Uncertainty

· Confusion

· Being Upset

· Frustrated

And guide them to:

Exactly the outcomes, results they desire and a feeling of accomplishment and well being.

This is a #busiunesssstrategy move to help them and you.

Plan it out, map it, blueprint it step by step and share that blueprint with them.

Then they can enjoy their morning coffee, find their path when lost, and get the results they wanted with a smile.

Business is hard but it doesn't have to be so hard. Email me Jim McEntire for a free 30-minute session to find your right path so you can smile too.

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