Is it possible the message you are saying is NOT what your customer is HEARING?

Is it possible the message you are delivering to your customer to buy is NOT the message they are getting?

I was confused. What was this Chick-fill-A message really saying?

A reheat able tray for free, what kind of #businessstrategy is that?

The third time I passed this sign I asked my wife who was in the passenger seat what would you do with a reheat able tray?

She explained to me it was stating that when you make an order of chicken nuggets another order of chicken nuggets was for free you could reheat at another time.

Chick-fil-A in 2020 completed sales of approximately 12.8 billion U.S. dollars in the United States that is real #businessgrowth.

They are smart people, yet they put up a confusing message to their customers.

Why didn’t their message say, buy 1 order of chicken nuggets and the 2nd order is free?

If they are doing 12.8 Billion and making mistakes in their message is their a chance you are too?


  • All your messages to your customer getting returned?

  • Do customers pass on your offers?

  • Your customers ever look a little confused when you ask if they are ready to buy?

  • Are you wondering why they say no?

Maybe what you are saying isn’t what your customer is hearing.

Ask a friend to read your proposal, email, and share with you their take-away from your request.

Be crystal clear on what you’re offering and why they need it.

Here is the link to a 4-minute video on designing clear communication for you.

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