Is you life like Grounghog day?

I have.

Sweet corn.

We love it in our house and since August we have been buying it every chance we get.

But its not August now, its October and we have never bought sweet corn in October.

As we bite into our corn, we both realize why we have never bought sweet corn in October.

The sugar in the corn has now turned into starch, it doesn’t taste good.

We knew better as the sweet corn season was over yet overrode our instincts. We visualized delicious, sweet corn.

What are you visualizing in your life that isn’t working out for you?

One of your relationships?

Your job?

Your career?

With the way your life is going?

Its easy to think this is the way it should be the way you want it to be.

When it really isn’t that way at all, and you know it.

Yet you go through the Ground Hog Day process, again, again, and again, expecting different results.

Consider changing your process, which will change your habits, that will change your outcomes.

Take time today, start a process of writing out what you really want. The outcomes you visualize in your personal and business life that would make you happy.

Then build your map, plan, or blueprint of how to achieve those outcomes. Take a goal setting book out of you local library, or download a goals pdf off of the internet,

You don’t need all the answers to start the process. They will come to you as you start your journey.

Just start the process now.

Otherwise, you will be like Bill Murray waking up each day reliving the same life, over and over.

You can design the life you want, just do it.

Believe in yourself.

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