My text message said "Just how stupid are you"?

It was 8 am and I went to put some items back into my warehouse.

As I opened the warehouse door it stunk like small engine exhaust and there was a thick blue fog in the building.

My warehouse was full of smoke.

I sent a text to my tenant who rents 1/2 of the warehouse to ask about the smoke.

He called me right away.

He shared with me his brother had run one snowmobile outside the building with the garage door open, yet the smoke drifted back into the building. It just kind of happened, it wasn’t his fault.

He didn't think it was a big deal.

My neighbor came by 10 minutes later and told me the guy had run 3 snowmobiles close to the overhead door and he couldn't even see into the building it was so smoky.

Don't you hate lies.

In a few minutes my renter sent me a text that he was sorry for the smoke in the warehouse.

I spent 90 minutes that morning with 3 industrial fans and my neighbors barn fan to empty the smoke and the smell.

I then typed a text to my renter, "Just how stupid are you to run 3 snowmobiles in the door opening and you never thought to clear the smoke out of the warehouse?"

It’s a good feeling to tell someone off who has offended you!

I never sent the text. I argued with myself to wait one day to send it to him.

Someone says or does something to offend you.

Reaction: You fire back a nasty comment, and the situation escalates.


Response: You give a soft answer, kind words, or an invitation to resolve this without drama and the situation is resolved.

Believe me, I can be a hot head.

I started to send that nasty text at least 5 times and stopped myself each time.

But by responding and sending him the picture of the fans with a note,

· It took 90 minutes and the smoke and smell was removed

· I understand mistakes can happen

He sent me a long text again apologizing, it was all his fault, and it will never happen again.

Which is the message I was looking for.

My mom always told me words spoken can never be taken back.

It is not easy to calm yourself down when you know you are in the right and someone offends you.

Pick you words and text carefully.

Respond, don’t react.

You will achieve better results.

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