The most important person to your business is who?

A Customer is the most important visitor to your business

Jim McEntire---Sales Growth Coach Frustrated with your business growth? The journey to grow is through your customers thoughts, needs, fears, and wants. Want sustained growth? Contact me for a free visit. #businesssuccess#businessgrowth 255 articles We have more connections today to more businesses and people than any time in history. Yet you and everyone else are more disconnected from the businesses selling products and services. Why is that? Have you had lousy service lately? Everyone else has too. Crazy right? You want one of the secrets to start or grow your business? You already know the answer but haven’t thought of it. Here is the list of consumers biggest business complaints posted by Yahoo Money, · #1 complaint: Auto-related problems, financial loss and inconvenience. · #2 complaint: Home improvement and construction issues, dishonesty, fraud, and shoddy work. · #3 complaint: Retail sales, false advertising, and defective merchandise. · #4 complaint: Landlord/tenant issues, unsafe living conditions, · #5 complaint: Credit card and debt, scams, fee disputes, and predatory behavior. · #6 complaint: Communications & professional services, misleading offers, service problems, shoddy work. · #7 complaint: Health products and services, false health claims, fraud, and scams. You see a pattern here? Take advantage of this knowledge and use it to start your business or grow the business you have. Focus on how p

eople want to be treated and marketed to by offering solutions and wonderful service. Your competitors are dealing with complaints, you deal in solutions and win customers for life. That’s one of your secrets to starting or growing your business. COMPLAINT SOLUTION Fraud Honesty Inconvenience Convenience Shoddy work Exceptional work False advertising Clear messaging and advertise the truth Fee disputes Help the customer resolve the problem Misleading offers Accurate offers Scams Being truthful You can do it. Now build a blueprint to offer your solutions and wonderful service. Want someone’s ear to hear your plan and get you started? Jim McEntire, I have big ears and 30 minute's of FREE help you get started.

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