Are you really happy with how things have turned out so far with your life? The U.S. economy will be recovering soon and it will be a long process and Americans aren't getting any happier. According to a recent Harris poll only one in three Americans say they're very happy. Part of people's unhappiness is due to their seeing no hope for their future. Could it be you have not reached your true potential?

Business expert Jim Rohn wrote that the average television or computer costs an American worker from $5000 to $50,000 a year. The cost is not in what the electronic item costs you at the store, as it is cheap to buy the television, computer, I pad, or Smartphone.

The true expense is in what it costs you in lost wages and missed opportunities to sit and watch that screen for fun. When you sit and watch the reality shows, drama, mystery, action movies , emails, funny u tube videos , and games, what do you take away from that investment of time?

Do you want a raise in your salary? Do you desire more money for a nicer place to live, a better car, a more interesting vacation, or do you want to reduce your present debt? You can wait to win the lottery, for the boss to give you a big raise, or for a rich relative to leave you a fortune. When you wait for others to improve your situation, that is just what you will be doing, waiting forever. Yet, you can have all of what you wish for and more if you will commit yourself to a plan.

The plan I speak of is with your investment of time today by turning the electronic gadgets off for a while. As reported in Techno Trends Newsletter, in the United States, people spend an average of 444 minutes or 7.4 hours every day looking at screens. That breaks down to 147 minutes spent watching TV, 103 minutes in front of a computer, 151 minutes on a Smartphone and 43 minutes with a tablet. Sound like you? Maybe it's not the lousy economy that is keeping you in the poor house, maybe it's you !

What can you do ?

Shut all the electronics off for a specific time period.

1.Make a conscious decision to improve yourself and set aside a couple of hours to make your plan.

2. Write out what you really want in life. Do you want a new home, a new apartment in a nicer neighborhood, a newer car, a new job or career, or a fantastic vacation? Decide what it is you want . Write out the 20-50 things you want to have or you want to do and let your imagination run wild. Now go down your list and date these goals as 1, 3, 5, or 10 years to achieve these goals.

3. List out what you need to do to achieve the items on your list. You may need to make an additional $200 a week or to learn accounting, people skills, selling skills, communication skills, or another language. Write out the specific steps you need to take to achieve these goals.

4. Ask for help. Reach out to people you know who are successful in the areas in which you wish to excel. Share this with a trusted friend who will cheer you on through your journey. If you don't personally know the successful person in this area, find them online. Write to them and ask them for advice. Successful people will help you by sharing resources if you are sincere and follow through with their advice. If you still can't think of someone, then write to me through LinkedIn for free advice.

5. Take action today. The Statistic Brain Research Institute states that 92% of individuals who make a resolution never follow through to achieve their goals. Business coach Marshall Goldsmith shares three of the most important reasons that people give up on goals and how successful people “do it differently” and are ultimately well-positioned to achieve their goals.


Successful people have a high need for and reliance upon self-determination. They commit to the challenge, task, or process that needs their efforts and make a plan to meet their goals. Because of this commitment, they are far more likely to achieve success.

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