The secret to finding your right path to success

You ever get lost looking for an answer to your problem?

No internet or phone service yet my smart phone still told me the time.

Four of us lost for 48 minutes in this little box canyon on a trail in Arches National Park.

Looking around the canyon I counted a dozen others also going in circles to find a way out.

We compared notes with some other lost hikers. Nope, that side trail didn’t work, or the one to the left of it, or the one going up behind us.

When something isn’t working it’s important to STOP what you’re doing.

In your life and in your business have you ever hit a brick wall?

Where nothing you’re doing is working the way you expect it too?

When something isn’t working its important to STOP what you’re doing.

I stated that twice because I and maybe you are guilty of continually doing the same things expecting different results and becoming really frustrated and upset.

We knew we were close to the original trail, and it was only 1 pm so we weren’t scared, yet we were tired, hungry, and frustrated.

I kept telling our group we couldn’t eat our bag lunch until we found a way out of the canyon.

I asked our now expanded group of 10 hikers, has anyone seen someone hiking down into this canyon in the last hour?

A resounding NO was stated by the group.

I shared with them our trail is on a loop, if there is an entry point into this canyon from the trail, we should see people coming in from the top of the canyon.

They agreed.

We worked our way back towards where we entered at the bottom of the canyon and met a couple following a different trail than us. They had come from the opposite direction of us on the loop trail and knew the way out of the canyon.

WOW, were the 10 of us happy.

When you hit a box canyon, a brick wall that is holding you back what should you do?

You don’t know everything and neither do I.

Don’t be afraid to ask others you know who are smarter than you for advice.

If you don’t know anyone, contact the SBA, or Score, or find a business coach to help you.

Don’t stay stuck in your own box canyon.

Not when there is access to a map, a blueprint of a way out for you only a phone call or click away.

That peanut butter sandwich sure tasted great when we finally sat down at the top of the canyon, on the correct trail and stared at the beautiful scenery of Arches National Park.

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