Want the secret to your success from Zig Ziglar?

"If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you." Speaker-Author-Motivational Presenter Zig Ziglar.

I had the opportunity to hear and see Zig Ziglar present four times, he was down to earth, funny, yet also very serious and a wonderful speaker and presenter. At one of the events as he finished his presentation and apologized for having to leave to catch his plane, I ran up to the exit area on the stage and carried his bag to the limo heading to the airport. I asked Zig if he could only give me one piece of advice, what would that be.

 Zig stopped walking towards the exit, turned to me, grabbed my elbow, and looked straight into my eyes and said.

"If you work hard on your job you will make a good living, If you will work harder on improving yourself, you will make a fortune and live an exceptional life."

If you would like his list of sales tips, drop me a note. Jim McEntire