Want to become more connected to your customer?

I don’t have a silver bullet, or a vaccine to cure your struggles or skyrocket your #businessgrowth.

Like you, I have been, and many times still get into my own business struggles.

Here is something I used in my wholesale business for 43 years that helped me maintain 89% customer loyalty and help my #businesssuccess.

I still use it today.


All in one bundle with……………………………………

Birthday cards, usually around 450 cards sent out each year to our customers who were owners, managers, and employees.

Not the expensive card you see in my post, but $1 cards we bought in packs from Hallmark.

They told me it wasn't the card that mattered, it was the message.

We cared.

In every card I and my key salesperson would write personal notes to each person.

Notes about the individuals accomplishments, wonderful personality traits, their hobbies, interests, and family.

Yes, it was a lot of work.

But the impact was enormous on our customers.

In our present deeply connected social media culture-


You can change that for yourself and for your customers.

You’re a nice person, thoughtful, and committed to serving your customer.

Take advantage of your wonderful traits.

Be yourself.

And believe in yourself.

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