Want to grow? Care more about the customer than you do the sale and you will succeed.

The customer does not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I owned and ran a successful wholesale business for over 43 years.

The week after I sold my business I visited each of the 65 wholesale customers and their employees, gave a hand written note to each key person there, and thanked each employee.

I didn't ask for feedback on how I had done over the years yet at most of the visits the people would share with me. They didn't see me as a salesperson, they saw me as someone who was concerned about them and their business. More of a consultant and a friend.

For over 30 years I had sent a hand written birthday card, with a personal note to each person on their birthday for as long as I knew them, sometimes that was for over 30 years.

If I found in a conversation with a customer about a problem they had and a solution I didn't have. I would send them to someone who could help them with a solution.

If I could give you only 1 piece of advice to become successful in business.

Care more about your customer than you do about making the sale.

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