What if losing sales wasn't your fault?

You’re so passionate about what you do, on the way to a party you remind yourself not to talk about your business.

You thoroughly explain to a customer how your business offer can help them yet they say, I'll think about it and they don’t.

You finish your sales presentation, everything fits perfectly for the customer, and they tell you, NO.

You're losing sales, customers and maybe its not your fault.

You may have the curse.

The curse of knowledge.

You have listened to it from others who confused you with their offers, but didn't know its name.

You must keep in mind while you may have abundant knowledge of your product and your brand, the customer doesn't. Moreover, they probably don't care. Marketers often fall victim to the curse of knowledge because they are: Intimately familiar with their own product and service.

Want the rest of the story and how to remove your curse of knowledge?

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