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It's difficult to know whom to trust to help you grow your business. With so many different ways to market and sell, it can feel overwhelming. It is frustrating to fail and heart-breaking when you don't know how to fix it.

I help business owners like you build an actionable blueprint based on proven strategies that have helped 100s of small businesses like yours grow. Your Blueprint for Selling is designed with your personal needs, goals, resources, and budget built-in, so it is custom-designed to move you to success.

I know how to get to the root of your problem, fix it fast.


Lee Livermore

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Workshop presenter, and Leadership Coach

Syracuse, New York

Starting up my business I needed to validate my idea. Jim had questions I did not think of that helped me focus on who my ideal clients are, the best marketplace for me to enter, and how to engage with those clients. My leadership business has grown with his mentoring and I still seek his advice today.


Kateri Spinella

Director of 'Anthony House: A Refuge for the Terminally Ill and Their Family'

Oswego, New York

Jim asked questions that changed my mindset to connect with my volunteers and donors at a deeper emotional level.


From his guidance we increased our:

  • donations

  • sponsorship's

  • awareness in our community


He gave me the confidence to find my voice and grow our cause. Jim's coaching style and step-by-step planning is exceptional.


Dr. Dana Mandel

Entrepreneur, Founder of Lifespan Therapies

King Ferry, New York

Jim gave me critical advice to get my business on track. He has decades of successful business experience to share and mapped out a step by step plan that helped me. Working with him over time we grew my therapy practice to over one million dollars a year in sales. He knows how to build a successful business, he did it with me.


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Have you ever felt stuck?  I sure have. What is the next step for you to take in your business?  Not sure as to who are your ideal customers?  If you answered yes to these questions, Jim is the person to go to for help to find your next steps.  Through a series of questions and his listening skills, he will help you dig deep into your goals, needs, and desired outcomes. From his experience, he will give you a step-by-step blueprint of how to get there.  And, most importantly, he will be your accountability partner to see that you get it done!!!

He holds your feet to the fire!!!  He has done all of that for me.

One of the things you look for in a coach/consultant/mentor is someone who can see things that you cannot see.  With Jim’s breadth of experience, he does that for you as he did that for me and It is powerful!!!

Barb Stone

Leadership Coach with Build Your Path LLC



Joanne Lenweaver

Former Director
WISE Woman's Center
Syracuse, NY

Having Jim on our education team for 5 years gave me the ability to see his results. He helped and guided hundreds of our business clients to solve their challenges. Jim uses his own experience and proven business strategies. I have seen the results, they work.


Sean Becker, CEO

Horan Insurance
Baldswinville, New York

I have enjoyed Jim McEntire's guidance for years. He has a wealth of experience and the ability to paint a picture of my business from a 30,000' view. In this expanded view he helped me go from uncertainty to certainty and grow my business. He has 40 years of experience and uses proven business strategies. I have used his guidance and it has worked for me.


Kelvin Ringold

Life Coach - Syracuse, NY

In our coaching sessions, Jim asks questions that stretch my thinking. He guides me by tapping into my goals and together we formulate a plan. I have enjoyed the results of working with Jim because his strategies work.


Join others and get a new growth strategy every week on how to be more productive, gain customers and be happy.



You are here because you’re committed to success.
I have walked in your shoes.

I have failed and pivoted growing my business to $26,000,000 in

sales while maintaining a staggering 89% customer loyalty.

I did it with my own 1-Liner to build curiosity, crafting a story to help them see and feel their success, and built their decision guide, moving them to buy from me.

I did it with a plan.
You can do it too.
Act now by joining me to build your plan for success
40 Years of Business Success
Hundreds of Businesses Guided toward Success
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Jim McEntire
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