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Eliminate Sales and Marketing Problems:

  • Clarify Your Message

  • Generate Curiosity

  • Drive New Sales

"Your own business doesn't have to be so damn frustrating! I can help."


Trainer. Workshop Presenter. Speaker. Author.

How can Entrepreneurship Coaching Help you?


What do you want?

Entrepreneurial Freedom.

Are you committed to your entrepreneurial journey and to your freedom?

To Achieve Financial and Business Goals.

Are you looking for support, accountability, and a framework for achieving your business goals?

An Effective Strategy to Drive New Sales.

Do you need to determine the right sales formula to move those costumers to buy from you?

Are you ready to become a successful entrepreneur?

Meet Your Entrepreneurship Coach, Jim McEntire.

Hi, I'm a business owner, an entrepreneurship coach, workshop presenter, speaker, and author. I combine time-tested systems, and modern business coaching methods, with the accountability and guidance needed to develop a blueprint of selling for your business. I work with the business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to boost their confidence, share their values, clear their perspectives and develop a roadmap for their sustainable growth.
Unlike other business coaches, I help these individuals fulfill their goals through helping their business serve their life (and not the other way round). I start with helping you achieve a clear strategy and blueprint your step-by-step process to succeed. So I start with you, the business owner, and help you achieve a clear strategy.

Are Your Marketing and Sales Strategies Not Performing?

We then move to your business and focus to:

Build Curiosity  Immediately

Your one-liner outlines the problem you help your customers solve in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way.

Engage Your customer

In today's competitive business world, businesses find it hard to capture clients’ attention and keep them engaged. As your trusted entrepreneur coach, I will help you engage them.

Drive New Sales

Your customers are confronted with endless shopping options from similar businesses. Design an effective 'Decision Guide' that moves clients to pick you.

"Hiring an Entrepreneurship coach is an investment that continues to pay dividends for you and your business. Remove roadblocks to your success, align your personal values with your business goals, make your call today."

– Jim McEntire

CERTIFIED Entrepreneurship COACH

Testimonials From Entrepreneurs like you


Kelvin Ringold

Life Coach - Syracuse, NY

In our business coaching sessions, Jim asks questions that stretch my thinking. He guides me by tapping into my business goals and together we formulate a plan. I have enjoyed the results of working with Jim because his strategies work.


Sean Becker, CEO

Horan Insurance
Baldswinville, New York

I have enjoyed Jim McEntire's guidance for years. He has a wealth of experience and the ability to paint a picture of my business from a 30,000' view. In this expanded view he helped me go from uncertainty to certainty and grow my business. He has 40 years of experience and uses proven business strategies. I have used his guidance and it has worked for me.


Joanne Lenweaver

Former Director
Wise Women's Business Center
Syracuse, NY

Having Jim on our education team for 5 years gave me the ability to see his results. He helped and guided hundreds of our business clients to solve their challenges. Jim uses his own experience and proven business strategies. I have seen the results, they work.

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You will have an easy-to-follow step-by-step blueprint to achieve your goals, gain more leads and sales.

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